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Spring 2016 Practice and Game Schedule


U-7 Intramural Curriculum

The training will consist of 8 training sessions lasting 1 hour each

0-5 mins:  Recap previous sessions Footskills and Techniques

5-10mins:  Footskills

                        WEEK 1: Toe Taps

                                   Foundations, Brushes

                        Week 2: Pull Push Inside of same foot (V Shape)

                                         Pull Push Outside of same foot

                        Week 3: Pull Push Inside of opposite foot

                                         Pull Push outside of opposite foot

                        Week 4: Coaches Choice

                        Week 5: Cut Push

                                         Cut Turn inside and outside of foot

                        Week 6: Body Swerve


                        Week 7: Stepover Cut, Crossover Cut, inside and outside of foot

                                         Dragback Turn, Cruyff Turn

                        Week 8: Coaches Choice

10-30 mins:  Technical Topic

                        Week 1 & 5: Passing

                        Week 2 & 6: Dribbling

                        Week 3 & 7: Receiving

30- 60 mins:  Play 3v3 and 4v4 games, no GK’s, with Parent Coaches


U-8 Intramural Curriculum

The program will consist of 8 training sessions lasting 1 hour each

0-5 min: Recap previous sessions Superskills

5-10 min: Superskills

10-30 min: Weekly Topic

30-60 min: Topic Specific 4v4 games with Parent Coaches


Week 1: Drag back

Week 2: Cruyff Turn

Week 3: Matthews Dribble

Week 4: Scissor

Week 5: Squeezy Push

Week 6: Step over Cut

Week 7: Step over Go

Week 8: Stop and Go, Drag back fake

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Introduction to passing and first touch

Week 2: Introduction to possession, first touch and movement

Week 3: Receiving and playing away from pressure

Week 4: Introduce and develop wall pass and combinations, decision to dribble or pass

Week 5: Develop technique of power shooting, shooting under pressure, accuracy before power

Week 6: Introduction to attacking skills, 1v1, 2v2.

Week 7: Introduction to defensive skills, 1v1, 2v2.

             Week 8: Bring it all together