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Annual Referee Training Course at Westbrook


This years ref course will have two dates, Tuesday, August 22nd and Tuesday, August 29th. The course will be an hour from 6-7 pm on both dates. To work this fall, you will need to attend ONE date. You MUST be a East Islip Soccer player to ref, at least 12 years old at time of training, and MUST have good grades in school.


Please bring the following to training:


-an index card with the following information filled out; First and last name, home address, email address, parents email address, cell#, home#, date of birth, what school and grade you will be in this coming September, and which EI team you are currently playing on.


- 2 self addressed (with a stamp) envelope. This will be needed to mail out your check at the end of the season.


- whistle (make sure it works)


- referee wallet (can be purchased at Modell's or any sporting goods store)


- stop watch. It can't be a cell phone.


- water bottle (might be hot).


Please do not bring a soccer ball. It will not be needed. 


Please email me at   if you plan on attending so I can plan accordingly. 


I look forward to meeting you.


**All returning referees, please let me know if you are available to ref this years Fall Classic. The Fall Classic is usually on Columbus Day weekend (more detail will follow). If your team is playing, we will work around your game schedule.**


Also, if you did not receive your check, please come down to the training dates. I will have them with me. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to meeting you.


Intertown referees

New and exciting! This year, we will hold a Intertown refresher course.

You must attend one of the two dates, August 22nd or August 29th from 7-7:30 pm at Westbrook.  Please bring a writing utensil (pen or pencil) and something to write on. We will focus on new rules, points of emphasis, and off sides. Please come with your questions. Also, please email me ( ) to let me know which date you will attend.


Patti Graydon

Head Referee