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Try-Outs Results Page By Age Group

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Note: We realize with all the new age group initiatives more players have had the option of trying out for more than one team/age group. We are working hard to notify all players if they have been invited to join specific teams. In the event that you are notified of making a team please respond A.S.A.P. if you will be accepting the position with the team. Please know that teams are being held up from forming because of delay in response. If you have any questions please contact Ronan Wiseman at As always thank you for your understanding.


GIRLS U9 - 2008's BOYS U9 - 2008's
GIRLS U10 - 2007's BOYS U10 - 2007's
GIRLS U11 - 2006's BOYS U11 - 2006's
GIRLS U12 - 2005's BOYS U12 - 2005's
GIRLS U13 - 2004's BOYS U13 - 2004's
GIRLS U14 - 2003's BOYS U14 - 2003's
GIRLS U15 - 2002's BOYS U15 - 2002's
GIRLS U16 - 2001's BOYS U16 - 2001's
GIRLS U17 - 2000's BOYS U17 - 2000's
GIRLS U18 - 1999's BOYS U18 - 1999's