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Welcome to the East Islip Soccer Club Parent Portal.  The purpose of this site is to educate and inform parents on the world of youth and professional sports play, through articles and reference documents.

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  East Islip Soccer Club Developmental Philosophy
  Single Sport Specialization Not Recommended By Physicians  
  Your Kid and Mine  
  Probability of Going Pro - Methodology  
  13 Steps To Being a Winning Parent  
  What Soccer Players Should Eat  
  Let Your Players Be The Coach  
  Too Little Training   
  Should I Let My Kid Quit Sports                                                                                                  
  Catching College Coaches Eyes at Tournament Play  
  The Race to Nowhere - Changing the Game in Youth Sports: John O'Sullivan (Video)  
  The First Soccer Tournament  

What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent, And What Makes A Great One     

  Study on Why Kids Quit Sports  
  10 Things Parents of Athletes Should Know  
  Getting Cut From The Team  
  Specializing In One Sport Too Early Can Lead To Injury  
  Valuable Life Lessons, On and Off the Field (video)  
4 Warning Signs You Should Pull Your Child Out Of Sports  
Soccer Parenting, The Right Way  
Single Sport Specialization  
Overuse Injuries - 60 Minutes Video  
Problems Facing Youth Sports Today  
Six Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice  
The benefits of pool play vs Traditional Leagues for U10  
3 Things Parents of Athletes Should Know  
Developing Well Rounded Goalkeepers  
Parents Ruin Sports for Their Kids by Obsessing About Winning  
Do's and Dont's For Youth Sports Parents  
The College Process: Be Prepared, Proactive, and Persistent  
Parents & Players - A Shared Journey (Video) - Mandatory Video For All Club Members  
The 4 Biggest Problems in Youth Sports Today